Public Speaking for Children

Besides writing, speaking is very important as a medium for delivering ideas, convincing people, and building opinions. Therefore, it is good for children to practice speaking in public in that this skill will be very helpful for their future. Some parents have started to send their children to children public speaking clubs or evening classes to study this skill. In fact, there are some benefits by starting early to learn the art of public speaking. The most obvious is that a mind is just like a sponge. They will take less time to learn than adults do. In addition, children may not realize speaking in public will be the greatest fear in the world.

As a parent, you can support your child’s public speaking efforts by encouraging them to communicate verbally with others through words. Asking them to memorize and then to repeat Shakespearean verses will not help much because the essence of public speaking is to communicate, not to memorize. You should also be aware that children may also have stage fright. Therefore, you need to remind your child that no one will laugh at him or her unless he or she says something funny. Many children have been proven to overcome their fear better than adults. You just need to guide them that being nervous is normal when it comes to speaking in public.

In addition, you can follow these tricks to enhance children public speaking skills. You can guide and help your children in making notes to speak. Here, you should not force your idea on your children because children’s language is different from adults. Next, you can do some drama activities. You can ask your children to become the speaker and you (and the rest of the family) become the audience. Once your child finishes his or her presentation, you should offer some positive feedback and encouragement to lift their self-esteem and help keep them motivated.

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