Fear of public speaking

Get Over Yourself – Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

According to national surveys, public speaking ranks among the top fears of Americans, surpassing fear of illness, fear of terrorism, and even fear of death. Jerry Seinfeld famously quipped that based on these statistics that would mean that people attending a funeral would rather be “in the casket than delivering the eulogy.”

If this is you, stop being selfish. The core of public speaking fear is rooted in being inward focused. You’re most concerned with what other people are thinking of you and because you don’t have the answer you imagine the worst and it leads to the fear of criticism. It’s not that you fear speaking (talking out loud). The fear is in what are others going to say.

There is a solution. Be outward focused. Before and during your speech focus on how you want your audience to feel. What experience do you want them to have? What do you want your audience to be thinking about when they leave? If they apply the information, how will their lives be improved? When you are truly being outward focused you’ll get excited about the possibilities for your audience if they take action on what you have shared. With this mindset you don’t have time to even consider what they are thinking about you.

Show your audience that you care. The number one way to do this is through preparation. It’s utterly disrespectful to stand before a group of people (with previous knowledge that you would be doing so) and be unprepared. Nothing says I don’t value your time like, “bare with me I didn’t care enough to practice this speech”.

No one wants to be bored to death by a speaker. We all want to be entertained and inspired. Your audience wants you to do well. They are rooting for you to blow them away with your stories, insights, and knowledge.

Consider the competitive advantage. If you learn to excel in an area where most people are afraid you position yourself attract more and greater opportunity. Public speaking is not a gift it is a skill. And like any other skill, with practice it can be developed.

The skill of public speaking is central to personally driven personal development. Developing this skill will help you remain relevant in a changing world. As the world grows smaller through the ease of connection around the globe the power to influence and share ideas is critical.

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Courtland Warren is co-creator of DreamTool. You can find out more about Courtland at http://www.courtlandwarren.com

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