Public Speaking – 3 Types of Public Speaking For Professional Speakers

Professional speaking for many entrepreneurs and business professionals creates an opportunity for another stream of income.  For professionals who want to add speaking to their career mix as either their primary or secondary source of income there are multiple options.

1. Keynote Speaking: This is the type of speaking most people think of when they envision speaking professionally. You’re up on a stage, you get paid a nice fee to be there and you’re the headliner.  Some events have an opening keynote and a closing keynote.  Keynote speeches tend to be inspirational, motivational, and humorous.  If you’re new to the speaking world, this may seem like the “best” type of professional speaking. It can be lucrative, depending on your fees and your goals. Some plusses: you set and negotiate your fee, travel, and expenses and know exactly what you’ll be paid prior to the event.  A negative: as a keynote speaker your fee is your income for the event, period. If you happen to have a book you might be able to negotiate a selling your book at the event, but typically you’re not asked to sell, so you’re income is fixed.

2.  Break-Out Session Trainer: At many events that have a keynote speaker, there are typically multiple training  — or break-out–  sessions that require experienced facilitators to present.  This is an excellent starting ground for newer speakers and can give you an opportunity to get experience, testimonials, and video.  You can fill your speaking schedule with these events, but they typically pay a fraction of a keynote fee and often do not include travel expenses because event planners try to hire local talent as much as possible to stretch often tight budgets.

3.  Platform Speaker: Unless you happen to be a high profile former (or current) athlete or politician, by far this type of speaking provides the biggest opportunity to make a significant income.  Your job as a platform speaker is to not only speak to entertain and teach, but also to sell your products and/or services via “back of the room” sales.  This type of presentation also carries the biggest risk to a speaker because you are not paid a fee to attend the event. You get a free “ticket” usually for yourself and a guest, and a room filled with those interested in at least the same general subject as your products and services.  But you pay for your own airfare, hotel, and meals while at the event. And whatever you sell you can expect to split 50/50 with the event promoter.  But because audiences at these events typically expect speakers to present offers to them, many are prepared to purchase what you have for sale.  And as a result of that, making multiple five and six-figure sales is not uncommon.

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Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed. is a communication consultant, speaker & coach specializing in training small and home-based business owners effective communication and public speaking skills so they can see more cash flow now.

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