Public Speaking Business: How to Get Speaking Gigs and Engagements

You may be an amazing speaker, but in order for your public speaking business to survive, you will need audiences who will pay to listen to you. Instead of paying for lots of ads to promote your business, you want to spend your marketing efforts where you will get the best results: networking and showing people what you’ve got.

Marketing in this way enables you to do more of what you do best: public speaking. You do not have to spend a majority of your time marketing, which takes away from the time you have available for speaking engagements. Instead, you can sell yourself to 10, 20 or even 100 people in one hour and grow your public speaking business faster.

1. Volunteer to Get Your Business Off the Ground

Speaking for free may sound like a way to not earn money – but in reality, it is a cost-effective way to market your public speaking service. Not only do you gain exposure to several audiences, you can establish a relationship of goodwill with potential clients.

There is no hard selling here, and people are more likely to want to hire you for future paid speaking engagements because they see you a a good person and want to reciprocate the favor. Do not underestimate the power of “charity work.”

2. Meet the Right People Through Organizations

Join trade organizations in your industry; ones that match the topics you speak about. This is a simple way to get connected directly to people in a particular industry that tend to be leaders and decision makers. Many of these people want to excel in their field, network and participate in group activities.

Whether organization members do the hiring for speaking engagements or they know contacts involved in event planning that could land you a job, sharing your skills and getting involved in industry organizations can provide you with lots of speaking opportunities.

You can use the search engines to find a list of trade associations and industry organizations to contact. Joining your local Chamber of Commerce can also connect you with potential clients.

3. Get Listed in Online Directories and Have Clients Calling You

Speaker Services and Speaker Zone are two directory websites that connect speakers with audiences. Organizations and businesses use these sites to find speakers for their events, and it is an easy way to reach new clients that is easy and convenient for them.

For a fee, you can list your speaking service in one of many different categories. Describe the topics you cover, the geographic locations where you are available to speak and the rates you charge. You can also share your experience, skills and even a video of you speaking.

Getting your first clients will be the hardest part. Once you begin speaking to groups, the contacts, referrals and repeat business you get tends to grow exponentially. Instead of going out and searching for audiences for your public speaking business, you will find that people will be calling you.

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