Big Fat Dumb Costly Business Mistake Part 2 ~ Quantity Does Matter

Being the poster child for accountability, I don’t have a problem with sharing my mistakes with the world. I look at it from the perspective that my blunders save you time, provide learning lessons, and result in more money in your pockets.

I spend quite a bit of time researching and learning from other speakers and coaches by listening to their audios, reading reports and newsletters, and participating in tele-seminars. Every guru I’d listened to always boasted about the number of subscribers they had on their lists. I’d never listened to anyone that was just getting started or who taught from a beginner’s level. As such, I wasn’t aware of the importance of creating your email campaigns and sending them out regardless of the number of people on your list. In this instance, quantity trumps quality – some is better than none and you need to market to your list of 10 or less just as you would to a list of thousands.

You need to already have the infrastructure in place to support your growing list and be ready for the influx of potential clients, students, and mentees that are awaiting you. Let’s assume that you send your newsletter out once a month. If each of those 10 folks on your list forwarded your newsletter to just one person and that person became a new subscriber, your list would double in roughly 30 days. Your list of 10 has now grown to 20!

There will be those folks who tell you that it’s a waste of time and money to market to such a small group of people. I’m here to tell you that the people who have tens of thousands on their lists didn’t just wake up one day to those numbers. It was a gradual process – it may have taken some longer than others, but it didn’t just happen because the opt-in fairy paid them a visit.

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