Do You Squawk When You Talk Or Squeak When You Speak?

Just last night, a man phoned me to ask if I could help him with his voice. My heart went out to this fellow as soon I heard him speak because he was so hoarse. In truth, he croaked like a frog when he spoke. He reassured me, however, that his throat did not hurt him and, for that, I was thankful and more than pleased for him.

Have you ever likened the sound of your voice to that of an animal? Do you squawk, squeak, bark, or bray when you speak? Maybe you bellow or chirp. Or possibly you squeal in delight or moo like a cow.

In truth, none of these descriptions are a blessing to your listeners’ ears. We are bombarded by loud noises and music, boom boxes, traffic, and the like on a daily basis. And, most unfortunately, there are a lot of voices that only add to the din of cacophony to which we are subjected.

If your husband doesn’t listen to you any more, are you sure that it isn’t the sound of your voice that is making him deaf to your words? On the other hand, what is the possibility that your wife doesn’t hear you because of your mumbling and the lack of articulation on your part?

If you expect people to listen to you, you might question if your voice is reminiscent of a barnyard animal? If so, then your listeners may not want to hear what you have to say.

If you care about the image you project, maybe you need to care about the image your speaking voice is projecting because that sound on your voicemail, which you may find embarrassing, humiliating, or altogether unbelievable, is exactly what others hear when you speak to them.

Your voice could be your greatest asset instead of a liability if you choose to do something about it. What I am talking about is what I refer to as your real voice, a sound that is powered and amplified by your chest cavity. Most people are not aware of and not using their chest as their primary sounding board, instead relying predominantly on their throat and voice box to power the voice. That is why so many people squawk, squeak, or croak when they talk.

Learn to use your chest when you speak and you will discover that you sound more like a cello or bass and less like a chicken or frog.

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