Public Speaking – Your State of Being Determines Your Results – Passionate Power Presentations #3

Everything begins with and flows from your state. Your results in public speaking or any other activity you engage in will only be as effective as your personal state.

Your state manifests from your thoughts, beliefs and emotions; in particular those you choose in the moment.

When you drill down further, what are beliefs? Your beliefs are just particularly strong thoughts; ones with which you have attached strong, personal meaning.

Your emotions manifest from your thoughts; and from the meanings, emotions and beliefs you connect to your thoughts. So, it is all about your thoughts and how well you manage them so as to serve your purpose.

There is one other element. It’s also about your connection and congruence with your physical/physiological being. You must feel your energy, your state flow freely through and emanate out of your physical being for optimal, dynamic communication. There should be no emotional, intellectual or physical holding back or blockage.

At all stages of the process- homework, speech-writing, rehearsal and, of course, during your presentation-your final product will depend upon your state. You are the pilot; you must assume control. For our purposes, your state will be most affected by the following perceptions you choose:

– Your self-perceptions and beliefs – Speaking capability, expressiveness, confidence, personality, intelligence, self-worth, presence, charisma, etc. – Your beliefs and perceptions of the audience – Who are they and what do they mean to you? What do you want from them? What do they want from you? What do you want to give them? – Your beliefs and perceptions of the subject matter you discuss or present. Your message and its importance to you and the audience.

The good news is that we get to choose our perceptions and states. The bad news is, very few of us do this in a consistently empowering way. In fact, most people never actively choose and manage their perceptions or states, they simply accept whatever perceptions and resulting states have been handed down to them by their families, friends and other influencing people in their life.

In my next article, we will begin to discuss how you can take charge of your perceptions and your state.

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It’s all about you. Chris’ goal is to help you grow and actualize as a public speaker and in all other areas of your life. Chris is an accomplished motivational speaker and public speaking coach. In addition to his public speaking experience, his diverse resume also includes 7 years as a professional actor in NYC, LA & Paris (stage, film, TV & print), after which he returned to school for an MBA and became a Fortune-50 corporate banker 12 years. Prior to founding Breakout Presentations, he founded, grew and sold another company.

He turned full-time to his greatest passion & gift (motivational speaking and public speaking coaching) after a serious medical setback caused him to re-evaluate his life.

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