Public Speaking – Dynamic Audience Connection – Passionate Power Presentations #2

Right now, in your mind’s eye, look back to the most memorable, positive conversation you can remember. One where the rest of the world dissolved into a blur; background noise; your enthusiastic attention focused intensely on this person, this conversation and this subject. In fact, you could see, hear and feel the subject of discussion every bit as much as you could the person in front of you.

Why was this conversation more remarkable than the many thousands of other conversations you’ve had? At least several elements were unique or heightened. First of all, the other person was of considerable importance to you. You had something at stake with this person. Something you wanted from them. There was probably something you wanted to give them as well.

I don’t subscribe nefarious motivations here, in fact, quite the opposite. This would most likely have been a person with whom you had considerable positive connection. What you wanted to give and take would probably be of great interest and value to both of you. This would likely have been a relationship where you each had much at stake, much to gain, and you both were equally intent on giving as you were on receiving each other’s message.

Chances are you were also passionate about the subject of discussion beyond what you hoped to give or gain. Unless it was a situation where you and the other person were in love and you would have been ecstatic to merely discuss navel lint, the subject was relevant to each of you on a deep emotional and intellectual level.

Were you concerned about “how” you delivered certain phrases or words? No. Were you worried or negative about how successful you were being in your communication? Not likely. At least not in the moments you fully engaged with the person you weren’t. You were, however, intent on communicating clearly and effectively.

Were you even aware of where your hands were, much less what you were doing with them? And please stay with me here…I’m assuming this wasn’t a romantic encounter or, at the very least, you were in a suitably public location where physical intimacy would be inappropriate. No, you had no idea where your hands were or what they were or weren’t doing. In fact, if you are normally a physically reserved person, your hands were probably more actively involved in your story than normal.

THIS is the state you must create to effectively communicate and motivate. You must fully engage yourself and your message; with absolute focus on your audience; with great passion and intention to communicate successfully with them to their edification and benefit. You must be in a state of “Wow!” because you are excited for the opportunity to reach out to, understand and communicate with this specific person or group of people, in this moment. You are on a mission. You want them to totally get you; and you must totally get them.

In public speaking, you must take it to the next level. You want to infect your audience with your passion. You want to “Wow!” them with your command of the subject matter, with your ability to comprehend and communicate your message. You want to “Wow!” the audience enough to inspire them to action with your message.

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It’s all about you. Chris’ goal is to help you grow and actualize as a public speaker and in all other areas of your life. Chris is an accomplished motivational speaker and public speaking coach. In addition to his public speaking experience, his diverse resume also includes 7 years as a professional actor in NYC, LA & Paris (stage, film, TV & print), after which he returned to school for an MBA and became a Fortune-50 corporate banker 12 years. Prior to founding Breakout Presentations, he founded, grew and sold another company.

He turned full-time to his greatest passion & gift (motivational speaking and public speaking coaching) after a serious medical setback caused him to re-evaluate his life.

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