Fun Speech Topics

FUN Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking

1.  Your Best Personality

Most of us have several different personalities. We seem to act differently around certain people and in certain situations. I’m sure you act a little differently at work than you do at home. I’m sure you are a lot funnier with friends than when you give a presentation.  Bring your best personality to your presentation. Let your sense of humor come out.

2. Every Day Analogies

Your audience members are people too.  They can relate to every day situations and will enjoy your presentation more if you use analogies.  For example, if you were comparing two different products or services you could say the following: “The differences between these two options are similar to the differences between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. At Location A you will find ambiance, healthy options, and expensive gifts. At Location B you will get in and out very quickly, you will pay less, and you will have fewer gift options.”

3.  Interact with your audience.

It’s a lot more fun to have a conversation with your audience than to just throw tons of information at them.  For example, you could say: “How many of you drink Starbucks coffee?  How many of you drink Dunkin Donuts coffee? What’s the difference between the two?” Let them answer, listen to what they say, and implement that into your presentation.

Bring your sense of humor (best personality) to your presentation, use analogies to keep your audience engaged, interact with them and you will have fun improving your presentation skills!

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