Create a Fan Following to Get More Speaking Gigs

Starting out as a speaker, you might find it difficult to land paid speaking gigs. The speaking business is similar to any other career, you can’t get a gig without experience and you can’t get experience without a gig.

Does that sound familiar to you?

So what if you don’t have a huge list of paying clients to show off on your marketing materials? How can you start to make the connections you need to get paid speaking gigs?

Create a fan following that wants to hear you message.

What is amazing about the Internet and Social Media is that it is giving speakers with amazing content the ability to promote their message to audiences in ways that have never been imagined before. If used constructively, Social Media is giving people a voice and allowing them to promote themselves in ways that have never been imagined. Social Media is giving people a voice, and allowing them to build a fan following that will help them promote their speaking business.

It is exciting to watch these new speakers being propelled to the forefront of the industry by their use of social media, technology, and good speaking skills. With free or low cost tools, these Social Media experts are able to convert an idea into a message in real time and broadcast it to an audience that craves useful information. This creates a fan following that gives them the credibility to land paid speaking gigs.

Starting a fan following is easy, just do it. Start a blog, start using twitter, or just post interesting information on LinkedIn. If you have a useful message, if people want to hear you, they will start to follow you and give you the social proof you need to start to develop a tribe of fans that will crave your speeches, products, and services.

So what are you doing to create a fan following?

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Chris Elliott is an independent technology analyst, professional speaker, and consultant for individuals and companies. To see how Chris has put his advice into action, visit to see this advice in action. If you want to know specifically what steps to take to promote your business online or offline, then visit for additional information on how Chris can help your company succeed online.

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