Why Toastmasters Makes Sense in a Down Economy

“We are cutting back on unnecessary expenses.”

“I am just too stressed about my job to come.”

“THEY EXPECT me to be at work more, so I can’t come.”

What excuses have you heard the past few months from your members and potential members?

What excuses are you using for not improving your speaking and leadership skills?

The Excuses

Excuses, we all have them. What is your excuse for not taking an hour to an hour and a half a week to improve your communication and leadership skills? Do you not have enough time, do you not have enough money, or maybe you just don’t have the energy with the economy and all?

The Reality

The reality is that Toastmasters will not make you a better speaker. Toastmasters will make you a better person. It is a commitment to personal development and that scares some people. To be successful, you have to be willing to take on challenges, take risks, and reap the rewards. So you have to accept that your excuse is not time, it is not money, and it is not really energy, you excuse is that you are scared to change.

The Solution

Even if no one you will ever know what Toastmasters is all about, you are still going to go farther in life because you have been a Toastmasters member. Being in Toastmasters teaches you to change, it teaches you to grow, and it teaches you how to be a better communicator. You might not like that, but if you are committed to taking 100% responsibility for your life and not making excuses, then Toastmasters should be an option.

Why it Makes Sense in a Down Economy

In the 1970’s, Warren Buffet was buying stocks when others were predicting the end of stock markets and trying to sell out. When the stock market recovered, Buffet’s riches grew, because he was doing what others were not.

How does this relate to Toastmasters? As the people around you spend less on their education, spend less becoming better speakers, you can be spending the money now, so when the economy improves, you have the skill set to be successful. You will have the base you developed in the lean times to make an impact when times are good.
It is one of the things I find funny about training and research. When a company is doing poorly, they cut back on the one thing that will help them in better times, their people. Why should you be like most people and most companies?

You want to be more successful… right?

Then don’t listen to your fears, spend the time, spend the money, and make yourself a better person today so you don’t have to play catch up when things improved.

I am putting more into Toastmasters because I know that I am getting the experience I need now that will drive me forward faster in the future.

Chris Elliott is a professional speaker and blogger. For more tips on how you can become a better speaker, check out http://mytoastmastersblog.com If you would like information on how you can bring Chris to speak to your next meeting, please visit http://chris-elliott.com

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