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Have you realized?

Have you ever heard someone give a speech and midway through realize that it was not their speech at all? It could be that someone plagiarized a speech or it just doesn’t sound like the person is speaking authentically. That person, and it might be you, has not found their voice.

Fellow Speakers, finding your voice might be the most difficult pursuit you endeavor in life as a speaker. Be it in text or in speech, you are going to find it difficult to truly be comfortable communicating with an audience until you find your voice. Now that doesn’t mean that you will not be a good communicator, it just means that you will not be an excellent speaker until you find a speaking groove.

What is the secret to finding your voice?

Practice, practice, practice. Finding your voice takes getting up there in front of an audience and speaking as much as possible. It takes writing pages of speeches, stories, and journal entries a week. It takes a lot of work, but the results are tremendous.

I challenge each of you reading this to try something:

1. Find a way to speak in front of an audience at least once per week.
2. Write one speech or story a week
3. Keep a journal of your victories and stumbling blocks.

When doing this, try to talk for 10 minutes and write three pages a day. That might be 40 minutes out of your day, but in a few months you will see the difference. Then you will be on your way to finding your voice.

I know that many new speakers have difficulty finding their voice. Be it from fear of speaking or from not having much experience, many new speakers will borrow a lot of material and gestures from other speakers in order to make it through speeches. I have even seen many advanced speakers slip into content and style that is not their own during longer presentations.

How do you know when you have found your own voice?

Through constant practice, writing your own speeches word for word, and getting out there and delivering every speech better then the last. I know that sometimes it can seem like it is just not clicking, but I know that if you want it bad enough, you will get it. When you get there, every speech will flow, be interesting, and get a great cheer when you close.

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