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How to Choose Good, Informative Speech Topics in 5 Easy Steps

Have you been asked to give an informative speech, maybe by your local community, or as a school assignment? Are you wanting a topic that will have people traveling from afar to listen? What about a topic that even appeals so much that your enemies will want to come and listen.

If this is what you aspire to you need to know how to go about choosing such a topic

Maybe you are thinking that the next logical step would be to find some good informative speech topics? If so you are certainly on the right track, however there is something you should do before you look at that list.

Have you asked yourself what is good??

I’m sure you are thinking, what a dumb question that is, of course you know what ‘good’ is. But do you really?

When looking for good informative speech topics, what does good really mean?

  • • Does it mean something that will be easy to talk about?
  • • Or that it should be short?
  • • Does it need to highlight your skill and intelligence?
  • • How about making you look cool?

If you answered YES to any of the above, chances are your speech will be a disaster.


Well you are thinking what ‘good’ means to you rather than what good means to your audience and that is a big mistake.

One of the first and most important steps in speech preparation is to know and understand your audience. You might have heard of the term, audience analysis well that is just a marketing term for understanding the type of people that will be listening to you and what they want from you.

Why is understanding your audience important? For your speech to be judged as a success, it has to meet the needs of your listeners. It doesn’t matter how well prepared, well researched and skillfully you present your speech, if it does not meet your audiences’ needs then you have failed.

This sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Why put in hours of hard work and effort only to fail? So start off on the right foot, choose a topic that is good for your audience.

How do you go about choosing good information speech topics?.

  1. Analyze your audience, and find out what their needs are.
  2. • Obtain or create a list of topics. There are quite a few lists already available on the Internet so save yourself some time and use them as a starting point.
  3. • Reduce the list to a few good topics. One approach is to go through the list and dismiss ones that will certainly be no good. After which go through again and cross off ones that you are not too keen on, lastly you will be left with a list of topics that might interest your listeners.Don’t dismiss topics just because they are popular and have been used often. You may be able to present them using a different slant or angle or some new visual aids. Some highly paid public speakers give the same speech a few times, they just adapt it to suit the needs of the current audience they are presenting to. It is important to remember that you are giving an informative speech. Think carefully before choosing any topics that you have strong opinions on. Why? Because it is likely that your talk will become more persuasive than informative.
  4. • Let your subconscious do some work. When you have narrowed it down to a few topics leave it a while, which depending on your time frame, may be a hour or a week, allowing your subconscious mind to deal with it.
  5. • After having a break your mind will be full of ideas. You might find you are drawn to maybe one or two topics if not, here are some more suggestions to help you narrow the choice down.
  • • What knowledge do you already have of the subject
  • • How much effort will be involved finding out more
  • • How will you present it
  • • Does it interest me?

The last point, does it interest me is important. You may have to do a lot of work on the subject, if it bores you to death, do you really feel you are going to put your best effort into it?

However, taking the easy route is not always the best long term option for you either. Choosing a topic that will push you a little bit more, or take you outside your comfort zone can often bring long term rewards and benefits.

Step 6. “Hey,” you say, “isn’t this article called How to Choose Good Informative Speech Topics in 5 Easy Steps.” You are right of course, and this isn’t really a step but a reminder about step 2.

To save yourself heaps of time and effort, find a good informative speech topic list that someone else has already prepared (with their permission of course).

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