Effective Speaking – Captivate Your Audience

When delivering an effective speaking presentation, it means that you are able to communicate effectively your ideas to others and getting undivided attention from your audience.

What makes audience listen to you?

1. Self-interest; Discover their interest. Let them know that you understand their self-interest by making explanations & action plans based from their point of view. Make them the main character.

2. Personal Involvement: involve audience in the process of “finding new knowledge”. Make them as if they found it out by themselves in the process — while you are presenting it. Engaging in an active dialogue with audience is one way to do it.

3. How You Say it: Be Loud & Clear with an Enthusiasm, Confidence & Sincerity. Positive Gestures would enhance your audience attention to what you say.

4. Be Familiar & Friendly; Especially in delivering new or controversial ideas, start your presentation with familiar ideas/ story to avoid resistance, and then you can lead them to where you want them to be with solid references to make them assured why they should receive it.

5. Be Creative; an Interesting & Creative delivery (but still on the roadmap); you can make improvisations which will maintain the audience attention to follow what you are saying until the end of presentation, especially when they are starting to feel unattached to your story.

The point is that you must tell audience: what they need to know based on their point of view, in a process which involved them, make them feel they found it out themselves, with phrases that familiar & attached to them.

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